dayin oakSeoul is pretty nice place to live expecially in the middle of Spring when the Cherry Blossom cover all the city with lighly pink pallete. It’s really one of the most amazing season in Korea. It start differently depending on area, so in Seoul we basically can enjoy it in the beginining of April.

Well, one more about Seoul, despite of it’s one of the beautiful, safe and comfortable place to live, it’s also one of the busiest! Everybody knows how hardworking people in Korea are, so sometimes being a working person in Korea, you can effort yourself to take vacations during the busy days just to enjoy the beautiful things around. The April calendar days are pretty tight ( i mean no any holdays LOL), so the only time you can make yourself a sping vacation  is weekends. So batter arrange wisely to match the period of Cherry Blossom so to double your enjoyment!

Well, one hint to enjoy your weekend in Seoul during the Cherry Blossom season.

One of the most nice places to stay, shop and enjoy the walking under the Blossom is to stay at Coex Area, so you can visit oone of the Temple in the heart of Seoul, Bongeunsa, to walk along Seokchonhosu Lake…

Personally recommended hotel, Oakwood Premier Coex Center, which is location in heard  Cherry Blossmo area, expecially Bongeunsa, cultural  heritage and sighseeing place in Seoul.


Hotel is very convenient in transportation (close to main subway station Line 2 “COEX” and  Line 9 ” Bongeunsa”), co-location with  of the lightest Entertainment and Shopping Complex, which has various shopping brands, delicious restaurants and cafes, bookstore and movie and also large library, lovely spot for enjoying reading and making instagram shots!)


Depending on quest members, the hotel offers studio, one or two befroom rooms, so it’s conveninet for single stay as well as for couples or family.

Fully equipped kitchen inside the room is one of the great benefits of the hotel, because you can make your own food the and enjoy the rpecious time with lovely ones.

Also, you can enjoy swimming pool, sauna, sport center and kids room while staying at the hotel. I used the hotel few times so, believe me, it’s really worth your attention!


Well, want to finish my short postng with photos of Bongensa I made last weekends ( End of March). It was pretty early for Cherry Blossom, so I could make only some shots.


More the details:

Hotel: Oakwood Premier  Coex Center www.oakwoodpremier.co.kr

Bongeunsa: www.bongeunsa.org


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