Christmas Table Styling

Thanks our millennium market offers us various items for house or table decoration.

I was lucky to participate at TABLE and Deco Fair in Seoul, and also spend remarkable hour with Korean top food stylist.

French Lifestyle Company, Martine Sitbon, in collaborations with CHARIDA STUDIO creative director and stylist Ms. Kim offered and Open class with title ”How to decorate Christmas Table” with detailed theoretical and practical parts.


  1. For Christmas Napkin, you can use ordinary fabrics that can remind you the Christmas most representative colors: Red or Green. (You can check nice fabric at Dongdaemun Fabric Marker. Basically 1Y cost about 6-7 USD, so for table of 4 person 1 yard is enough)
  2. Use layering of plates. So you can mix different plate designs together.
  3. Use wood round stand as table decoration first and then can put the main dishes on them.
  4. Play with colors (Red, Green, Gold),so them all in mix will give the atmosphere of Holliday.

For more details and items, check the following links




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