I’m fashion designer & illustrator, who have been living here in Seoul for few years. I have experienced Seoul through various cultural events,  was at many places but…it was my first time visiting temples. I haven’t even heard that there are so many amazing temples here in the capital of Korea.

The first temple was Bongeunsa, which is located in one of the prestigeous places in Korea, Samseong-dong, Gangnamgu (so close to COEX). The guide accurately described us the history, the meaning of the temples, the full story of Budda, painted on the walls.



What I love about Seoul is the harmonious mixing of modern & ancient bulding. You can be busy in daily routine in the glass windowed skyscrapers and take a break at the nature surrounded place close to the office.



DSCF5144 IMG_6578

As a designer   I was so attracted by  the colors of temples, embroidery, wooden decoration. IMG_6684 IMG_6685


Haesu Gwaneum-sang (Statue of Gwanseum-bosal/Bodhisattva of Compassion).



The next stop was Jogyesa temple, which is located in the center of Seoul. The temples is hiden inside the streets, so if you don’t know you can hardly find it, at least, for me. I was so many times at that area but have never been to this temple before.

DSCF5222Temple was decorated with hundred thousands of colorful flowers with names and prayers written on them.

IMG_6646 DSCF5211

There was also drawing experience time, so I could sketch some, getting inspired by the mood in the temples.
IMG_6647 IMG_6657

As long I live in Seoul, as much I know that the city is full of interesting places, that we can discover. Through learning  the history  and culture of the country we can more understand the people living here as well as fall in love with this amazing country.

Recommend you to check the websites for more detailed information:

BONGEUNSA    www.bongeunsa.org

JOGYESA    www.jogyesa.kr



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